Friday, January 3, 2014

Mountain of Glory Church in Ganda

The church lit up as community members had their “ah-ha” moments during the teaching about creative and critical thinking. Laughter filled the church as we practiced problem solving skills with an amusing exercise. It’s not easy to get the culturally quiet, reserved crowd to make noise unless specifically praising the Lord…but we did it.

Bishop Joseph Kilifi graduated from Bible School in a Briefcase in Malindi about three years ago. He invited Surprised by Hope to deliver the first two of four in the Entrepreneurship series workshops as a precursor to delivering the other two workshops in early 2014. More than 30 people attended every day of the workshops.

These are only the ladies wearing a kanga for my FB cover photo.
Apparently I am "American" height.
Sometimes at the beginning of the workshop I see lots of blank looks and wonder if people understand the teaching, the examples, and the questions. But as time progresses they light up. They connect the dots. They have their “ah-ha” moments. As a teacher there’s not much better…except, when you ask at the end of the teaching what they learned and they say they learned that they are created in the image of God or that God will equip them to work for his Kingdom. Such comments send me soaring. I praise God for his work in these hearts and minds.