Sunday, December 8, 2013

Smart as a Whip!

Spending Thanksgiving Day with the children at The Sanctuary Babies Home – now called Sanctuary Children’s Home – was a joy. I love the warm welcome these kids offer and I love getting to know the little ones who are now becoming big.

The children were never so quiet as when I arrived this day. Why? They were eating. My goodness, you could have heard a pin drop. The children were sprawled around the room, mostly sitting on the floor, as they enjoyed their rice and bean lunchtime. But once they were finished they knew what was in store.

After a three-sentence lesson about giving thanks – with emphasis on giving thanks BEFORE we receive what we ask for – the kids dug into shading their picture. I watched as the various children exhibited differing levels of skill but each making progress as they learn. Most pointedly, LoHire was coloring perfectly inside the lines. All the adults remarked at the shift in this tiny tot from barely making a scribble to full out shading inside the lines.

But where was this masterpiece when we finished? I wanted to show you before and after proof. Instead LoHire decided she wanted to keep her art and hid it away somewhere that even Michael couldn’t find. Ooo…that girl is smart as a whip!