Sunday, December 8, 2013

Pastor Geoffrey, Ex-Prisoner

Friend Jonathon with Andrew, Geoffrey, and John
in front of their new church
The boda driven by Carpenter John pulled into the beautiful church yard where we found Geoffrey and Andrew anxiously awaiting our arrival. You may remember Geoffrey from Bugembe Prison. He was the tailoring teacher who, when released, began attending Bible school to become a pastor. Andrew was at Bugembe at the same time but for a much shorter stay. I easily remembered that bright smile, though.

A few of you invested in Geoffrey’s Bible school education and I want you to know that the teachers at that school had so much faith in his abilities as a pastor that they established this church for him. It may only be four sticks and a few iron sheets, but we all know a church is its people.

Carpenter John and I had a wonderful time in prayer and fellowship with these men and are so thankful for what the Lord has done in their lives. As always, John’s influence is long lasting…and so is yours. Our prayers do not go unheard. Please continue praying that they would stay close to the Lord and that they continue to be strong against all temptation.