Thursday, October 3, 2013

Preaching at Mountain of Glory Church

I love the pre-service dancing.
Dancing is how I connected with Pr Njuguna three years ago.
I shake my head (on the inside) when I’m invited to preach at various churches. I continue to maintain that I am not a preacher. My obstinence on this fact comes not from a fear of speaking in front of people, but instead from a sense that the pastor who I may be replacing is far better equipped to preach than I am. I take the pastor’s role seriously and fear I might mess up some lives if I say something the wrong way. Yikes. And yet, if God wants to use clumsy me who am I to say no. Perhaps this is his equipping process.

I taught about the battlefield of the mind and how that battle is the enemy’s means to keep us separated from God. The cool thing is that two weeks later I returned to the same schools with Pastor Njuguna to preach to the children there again. When recapping what I’d taught during the last visit one of the children stood and said I’d taught about the battle in the mind. Well…it’s not what I taught at the school but I was thrilled to know he listened and remembered when he was at church. Yahoo! Hey…I’ll take any little encouragement I can get.

Please pray that these children’s minds are protected from the enemy as they grow.