Sunday, October 6, 2013

Church Encouragement Outside Marereni

“You are a real missionary,” said Pastor Tsofa as he rode me on the back of a borrowed motorcycle. He indicated that no one he knows would have endured such a ride. Probably no one he knows would have looked as scary as I did once we arrived either. Humidity worked a number on my curls as did the wind and sun on my face and shoulders. A red-skinned, mop-headed missionary…that’s me.

More than an hour off the main road, trekking through coastal loose sand surrounded by thorny bushes and trees, we reached Shibe Pentecostal Worship Center. Warm welcomes from all and we began our time of encouragement. Our session was short at this venue and so our very brief message of hope and encouragement with promises to return for a real conference went quickly. Though, the worship at this church was something I’ve never heard before in my life. The key was something that reminded me of old sea chants. It was absolutely amazing. Goose bumps permanently resided on my flesh and it definitely wasn’t from the cold.

Moving along to the next venue, Mutoroni Jesus Gathering Center, again we were warmly welcomed. This open ceilinged church was filled with children dancing and praising God. A short message of hope and encouragement for this fledgling church resulted in promises to return yet again. Pastor Tsofa leads the pastors of these two and four other churches and is planning a big ministry conference for them all in 2014.