Sunday, October 6, 2013

Church as Business in Adu

Adu is another small village about an hour by motorcycle off the main road. The third of Pastor Tsofa’s churches was organized for a full day seminar for pastors (and anyone else wishing to attend). At one point during our ride I asked Pr Tsofa if any people would be there because I hadn’t seen any in a looooong time. The more than 50 people who came certainly traveled quite a distance. Seventeen pastors among the group were the target of my business teaching about asset-based development with special emphasis on application in the lives of pastors and their churches.

The response from this group was tremendous. Very sharp and eager to learn more. More promises to return for a bigger conference. The feedback was so positive. One pastor thanked me for bringing very practical teaching. Another thanked me for showing them how God intersects their business lives in addition to their church lives. One man even commented that no missionary had ever been to Adu nor had he ever heard any teaching like this until now. Wow, God in his infinite wisdom spoke to Pr Tsofa and I about the needs in this area and all we had to do was be obedient.

Until one man…one man asked a question that took me back to the very beginning when I introduced myself. He said, “You told us that if your husband didn’t die you wouldn’t be here. How can you say such a thing?” I had the lovely opportunity to talk about Rick and about how all he did to support and encourage me prepared me for this work in East Africa. I had the chance to talk about how God makes all things work together for his good. Honestly, I love the opportunity to share my story in more detail. I love testifying to God’s grace in my life. And then…one lady left the workshop in tears. I sensed the recent loss in her own life and excused myself while Pastor Tsofa wound up the program. Meeting her in a small dark room behind the church, I prayed with this woman. We didn’t understand one another’s language but the Spirit groans on our behalf. What a lovely moment between sisters. Thank you, Jesus, for the simple things.