Friday, September 27, 2013

Marathon Primary School Preaching

Mary’s School, Bomani Primary School, and Majahazini Primary School received a visitor today. Me! Pastor Njuguna learned that government run schools in Kenya offer what’s called PPI to their students. PPI is an opportunity for pastors to teach students about the Gospel. These three schools have been receiving Pr Njuguna favorably for a few years now and knowing that I was coming to be with him in Marikebuni, Kenya (near the Watamu coast) he planned our time accordingly.

The principal at Mary’s School had invited Pastor a while ago, but schedules seemed to conflict until now. The 100 +/- young students at this school were SHARP! They really knew their stuff. Well disciplined, obedient, and very knowledgeable about the Bible. Their principle obviously does well with them. Wow! This school would be something like a charter or private school in America.

The 800 +/- students at Bomani Primary School were a bit less confident but you could see they had come far under Pastor’s teaching. This school would be like an inner city school in America with teachers who loved the students dearly but with funds lacking.

The 300 +/- students at Majahazini Primary School were a bit older – given that this school is way out in the village…a country school by American standards – they started school at an older age. These kids were also very sharp. I was admittedly a bit surprised given the very village location of the school.

Each group of students learned about the Jesus Feeds 5,000 story but with a few insights relevant to their culture that I pray will influence their mindset as they become adults. When asked if the students were hungry for Jesus the way the crowd was hungry for him – willing to follow him for three days with the hope of healing and without the promise of food – they were invited to give their lives to him if they hadn’t already. As is pretty standard here, either no one raises their hand or everyone raises their hand. No matter, the silent one…the one afraid to go against the group…would still get his or her salvation gift and pastor would return to follow up with those children.

The marathon day of preaching ended well. We went home to relax and here I am…telling you about the amazing way God’s gift of friendship and fellowship has been used for his Kingdom simply because two people were obedient.