Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Routine Can Be Good

Michael always has some question about how to grow and develop this small home full of children and the school he’s using to educate them and their neighbors. I love being a source of wisdom for him to whatever small degree is possible. But mostly I love arriving in the compound and having more than a dozen children run at me with open arms.

They’ve come to know our routine – Bible story, shading, games, and sometimes a song or two. Having spent a few years watching these kids grow, I’m so encourage to see the changes in their lives. They are loving, generous, sharing, beautiful children with “parents” who love Jesus and love them well.

The Sanctuary Babies Home has many friends all around the United States and as someone who is on the ground visiting this group every month, I want you all to know that what you are doing to love and encourage this family is important. Check out their new website too: