Saturday, August 24, 2013

Light Academy Primary School Attacks

Nearing the end of school Term #2, I was invited to join Light Academy Primary School for prayer. I learned that the students and teachers were on a two-day fast in prayer over attacks from the enemy. They spent those two days worshipping, praying, studying Scripture, and fasting. What a wonderful time of corporate fasting to include the Primary 7 students alongside school leaders.

As a result of all the leaders have done to grow and develop the school and orphanage ministries, growth resulting from our work together with God, neighboring schools are trying to disrupt their harmony. Apparently they’ve commissioned children from their own school into the hands of the enemy and sent them to cause chaos at Light Academy. They’ve used witchcraft and every trick they could find to disturb this school that is performing so well they are drawing students away from other schools.