Monday, August 5, 2013

Kitindi Prayer Walk

Gathered at the church, children and adults alike, we prayed and sang together before departing for our prayer walk journey. Our prayer focus was to be peace in this war-torn country. Children of various shapes and sizes dared hold my hand only for a moment, then to be replaced by yet another. These Congolese children hesitate a great deal more than the children of Uganda, perhaps as a result of the ongoing wars in Congo…which makes me sad…to think about the impact such instability has on the formation of these little lives (sniffle).

Voices rang out in song as we traversed the sandy ground toward our first stop, the hospital. Once there we prayed for the caretakers and the infirm, but also for peace. The truth is that they were praying in French and Kiswahili and sometimes I wasn’t near one of the Kizombos and thus had no translator so I just went on about praying for what the Spirit put in my heart…including peace.

Moving up the center road of the town we made our way to the police station where the flag was just being lowered. The whistle blew and everyone stood perfectly still while that flag came down. We prayed for leadership, justice, and also for peace.

Next we passed by the market, a sight I would have liked to see during business hours. The wooden stands looked incapable of displaying much of anything but apparently this is the only place to go for every need. We prayed for abundance, prosperity, creativity, and also for peace.

Our final prayer time, though we’d hoped to reach several additional destinations before dark, was the school near Kizombo Sr’s home. We prayed for learning, growth, provision, and for…peace.