Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bi-vocational Training Center

Old Structure
The sound of hammers could be heard in the background as the roofing timbers were secured into their places. The bi-vocational training center construction is preparing the way for this school where pastors will receive teaching about both Christian leadership and technical skills. Village churches in Congo, like village churches Uganda and Kenya, seldom produce enough money to support the pastor and so pastors are learning trade skills to supplement their incomes and Christ-like behavior to model in their communities.

Many churches in Uganda and Kenya gather under a tree. Here in Kitindi, they gather under a bamboo frame covered with palm leaves as a shield from the sun. Why not hold the school under such a structure? Like the school uniform debate, an argument could be made on either side of a school building…I suppose. However, the benefits to having a quality school building are essential to the growth and development of this community.

New Structure
Think about your own university. What was the environment like? Did you have a beautiful campus? Did you have safe structures that allowed you to focus on learning? Did you have teachers who were skilled and passionate? Did you learn with students who were motivated? Now, how would you answer these questions differently if the building you learned in was crumbling? A quality school building fosters a sense of pride in students, teachers, and donors. In turn, that sense of pride attracts and motivates quality human and financial resources. Again in turn, quality resources result in outputs that make a significant impact on the community. As ambassadors of Christ, we are called to make Kingdom-like communities and this school building is where so many of those very seeds will be planted.