Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Dolly for Sarah from Judy

Given all that’d happened with my gross ouwie, and Simone’s constant care, it became perfectly obvious that he would be the recipient of the last Congo dolly (well…his daughter). This dolly was sponsored by my maama, the dolly maker. Maamas are charged with caring for their children and because she wasn’t here Simone stood in her place. I like to think I was beyond need of care but two things prevented me from helping myself – I couldn’t see the ouwie and I didn’t know where to access the necessary medicines. And so, I gave in and allowed Simone to help me.

Now Sarah would be maama to her own dolly and care for her the same way her daddy (in place of my maama) cared for me. She made lots of scrunchy faces at the dolly but I could never get that on film. I love seeing how these dollies end up in exactly the right hands.