Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Dolly for Demu from Rebecca

Tiny voices called “bi-yeeee” from just outside the fence. Although they received a reply multiple times, they continued to call out perhaps hoping for an invitation. For all that curiosity, the children seemed to hesitate to come too near though after some time they closed the gap at least a little. I found a tiny one riding on his sister’s back and felt prompted to offer this precious one a boy dolly.

Little Demu wasn’t quite sure what to think of this new thing he was supposed to hold onto. “What is that thing that looks a little like me?” I’m sure he wondered. Never saying a word, nor shedding a tear at being too close to the muzungu, the tiny boy inspected his new friend. The girls, though, were most curious and each took her turn examining this new creature. Finally Demu regained possession and continued his inspection. Now satisfied, he tucked the dolly between his chest and his sister’s back and went on as though nothing had ever taken place.

What do the minds of such small ones think about? Thank you, Jesus, for this beautiful little boy and for the chance to give him a tiny gift to remind him that he is loved by you.