Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Kizombo Sr. and Leslie Reunited

At Rwanda Exit
Perched precariously atop my head, like so many African women do, I moved with my giant duffle. After getting the green light to leave Rwanda, I dumped that heavy bag on a desk sitting randomly in the “yard.” As I waited and watched for Kizombo Jr. and Pr Mike to pass through this checkpoint, a familiar voice greeted me…Rev. Kizombo Kalambula Sr.

Under the Mango Tree
I clung to this man whom I always loved so much. My heart was burdened that I’d never properly appreciated or respected him. At the time we were in school together, my heart toward missions was hard…I just didn’t understand and I really didn’t want to. So many things I didn’t understand then. But knowing what I know now about East African culture, I have a vastly different appreciation and respect for older African men…particularly this one who stands firm in Scripture.

In Class Together
Together again, this man treated me with such care and respect. I love him as my own father. Being a part of his ministry, if even for this short time, reminded me of all that he’d described so many years ago. I pray that our time together would never come to an end.