Sunday, July 14, 2013

Directions to Leslie's House

Hi Elizabeth and Emily, I heard you were looking for my house on Google. The last time I checked it wasn’t there. But I’ll try to show you on a map where you can find me when you come visit J

Google Entebbe Uganda as a Google map and then follow the road North or up. That road is called Entebbe Road and it’s one of about three main roads in Uganda. You’ll see Rosebud plantation as one of the key markers on the map a few inches up and to the right from Entebbe Road. As you zoom in to Rosebud, the above map shows the smaller roads. The corner or “stage” at which you’ll turn to the right is my road. Non-main roads here don’t have any names instead they have markers. For example, there are two signs at my road corner – Kennedy Primary School and Little Bears Kindergarten. So my corner or my “stage” is known as Kennedy stage. Until you become familiar with the markers sometimes it’s hard to find the right one…especially at night.

When I take a taxi, the main form of public transportation is a 14 passenger Toyota minivan or a “taxi,” and get close to my corner I say “Kennedy stage” or I say “massau” and the driver knows where to stop. Once I get off at the stage I can either walk about 1 kilometer (about .67 miles) to my house or take a boda-boda (a small motorcycle driver will drive me home). Usually I have heavy bags of food from the market or it’s dark and less safe so I take a boda-boda to my house. All the boda-boda drivers – usually men in their 20s – know me and where I live so they’re like little brothers to me. They watch out for me and help me when I need it.

Walk down the hill in the slippery-when-wet dusty road toward Rosebud and turn right at the end, then turn left immediately after that. The road you see on this map is not my road, it’s more of a big road so it’s on the map. My road is too small to show up and it’s before that road as you proceed to my house. But you can see the arrow where my house is. You’ll see my house really easily when you turn the corner because there’s lots of open green space in front of me. I live next door to a Hajj, a Muslim man with multiple wives, and he has a very big house for one of his families. Also, my house is painted the color of the red clay earth. Most people paint their houses bright colors – lime green, neon orange. So mine looks funny to everyone around here.

I have a big veranda or porch on the front and side of the house where the neighborhood kids come to “shade” or color in the coloring books you all sent me. We blow bubbles, play games, and read the Bible you sent too. Most of these children come from Muslim families so I’m always happy when they’re learning about how much Jesus loves them. A few days ago we all shared a watermelon but I made the kids go in the grass to eat that because I knew they’d make a huge sticky mess and I didn’t want all the ants to come for a visit.

Now you know how to find my house. When will you come visit me?