Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Victory Nursery & Primary School

Red clay bricks made from the dirt in this very compound sit one upon the other to form this semi-finished school building which is used to house three classes of nursery school children. A year and a half ago I showed you a picture of this unfinished school building (unfortunately that photo was among one single batch somehow lost...sniffle) and told you it’d taken that long to get the construction to the half way mark. Based on a lesson from our first visit to Barrio, Lira, Pastor Patrick strove for providing a quality Christian education and as a result has quite a demand for seats (though the children actually sit on the ground). Finally, the three-room school is complete and the teachers are educating about 60 children under its shade.

However, without the primary level school classrooms, parents are reluctant to start their children given that they’ll not be able to continue in the school as they pass each grade. A grand graduation ceremony is planned in November during which Pastor Patrick is praying for heightened awareness as well as gifts that will help with constructing the additional rooms needed to grow the children and the school.