Friday, June 7, 2013

Teaching and Ministry in Barrio, Lira

About 35 people anxiously awaited the return of Surprised by Hope for a series of four workshops about biblically-based entrepreneurship. Our last visit together included a much larger group but the cost of such an event was prohibitive to the organizer and so the smaller, more manageable group gathered inside Victory Christian Center.

I love using The Art and Science of Thinking curriculum as a means to reinforce the truth that these people are made in the image of God and that as such they can use their minds to think creatively and critically to find ways to overcome their poverty mentality. This simple message rekindles the hope which seems to be a key ingredient in motivating people to apply themselves to some kind of work.

Though I must admit my knees shake a bit when I look down the main street and see such emptiness. Please pray with me that God reveals exactly the right messages and opportunities in a place so seemingly desolate.