Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mother's Day Giftgiving

Paper Craft Africa is an organization dedicated to making paper products by hand using natural fibers such as banana leaf, pineapple tops, and elephant grass. The employees are excited about what God has done in this small business to expand its reach into more areas than ever.

Part of this expansion includes developing a product line that encompasses more than just greeting cards. Stationary sets, handmade soap sets, and journals are just a few of the beautiful items available through this organization…items made with head, heart, and hands.

What a wonderful way to surprise your mother this Mother’s Day.

Writing Set
Cards (5 pk sm)
Soap (2) and Loofa
Soap (singles)
Cards (single gift)

Handmade soap and loofa with a handmade paper box - $10.00

Handmade mini-card set of five - $6.00
Regular size gift cares are just like these and sold in singles - $3.00

Handmade paper journal - $15.00

Handmade paper stationary set - $15.00