Sunday, May 26, 2013

A School Bag for Tiff from Suzanne

Wera, Tiff, and Sabila all got new shoes (not shown here) in
Tiff's school bag.

Tiff (Tief) has grown up so much this past few months. School has done wonders for his naughty behavior. This little Muslim boy isn’t as interested in reading the Bible as Faridah, but he’s quite happy to hear biblically based stories about the Berenstain Bears and to "shade" on Bible story coloring books. We continue to model walking in the way of love for Tiff and I hope and pray just a little bit of that modeling is absorbed by that lovable little monster and his siblings. Thank you for making it possible to love Tiff in a new way, Suzanne!

Update: Maama Tiff said Wera and Sabila sleep in their new shoes.