Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rain is a Good Thing!

Raindrops spotted the ground and we prayed that the 20 minutes it would take to reach Bugembe Prison wouldn’t leave us soaking wet. Those gentle drops felt more like paintball shots given the speeds at which we drove. But we did indeed arrive before the deluge. Rainy season has officially begun and I sometimes fail to remember that from midday on the rains can disrupt any and all plans for the day…which only strengthens my resolve to accomplish SOMEthing.

The rain continued even beyond our time of teaching at the prison until finally we decided to dodge the drops and head for The Sanctuary Babies Home. Along the way, however, I found myself stopped under a simple business awning as shelter from the wet stuff. Four pairs of eyes stared at me from around a corner. I pulled out the coloring book pages I’d prepared for the children of The Sanctuary and we sprawled ourselves out on the step and spent some time “shading.”

Given that it was Valentine’s Day, I shared the simple story of Jesus’ love with these children – Dorrine, Dorrine, Sharon, and baby. They kept calling the picture of Jesus “daddy” because the younger ones didn’t know who Jesus was, though they weren’t far off by calling Jesus by that name. Rain IS a good thing!