Friday, February 8, 2013

Grace Abundance Church, Watamu

Johnny’s mother has three children. The first one is named April. The second one is named May. What is the third child’s name?

We started the business teaching with some creative thinking and critical thinking exercises to prepare the students for what would follow. The various exercises and brain teasers made us laugh and have fun, but they also worked…the students began seeing their world with a different perspective. I suppose we are all somehow limited with what we contribute based on what we know and based on our own experiences. This approach really seemed to prepare the students to understand the material that followed:
Can you start a business with any two of these five items?
These pastors can.
  • ·         Asset-based Development
  • ·         The Business Concept
  • ·         Competitive Advantage
  • ·         Strategic Framework

The Asset-based Development session was another eye-opener for students in that they began to see their simple possessions, when combined with their knowledge and skills, can indeed make some form of business opportunity that they could begin immediately. Realistic or not, they again began to see their world as a bit bigger and brighter.

Those whose knowledge was expanded commented that they even see God from a new perspective now too. They see art and science in Scripture and they see how they were created to be like him. They see that they are not limited, poor, and dependent but instead equipped, empowered, and creative. A few surprise guests appeared because they “heard about the teaching and how helpful it’s been” and didn’t want to miss. One man said he has a church and didn’t think the business principles would work in his church but after listening he sees how critical the principles actually are to the church. Yea God!

Both Pastors Owino and Tsofa sacrificed much time and energy and I’m so thankful to them or coordinating our time together.