Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Blanket for Baby

The shiny lock secured the doors of the bright blue building closed. Though its keeper was nowhere to be seen, her swollen belly gave any regular observer a hint. Robert and Monica are expecting their sixth child and guessing by the age distribution, she’s quite a surprise. Monica was at home “resting,” which meant washing dishes and preparing for the next meal. The girls were home from school on holiday and quite able to help, but it was easy to see that Monica was ready.

My crafty mother made a beautiful baby blanket using fabrics leftover from the dollies and dresses for just such an occasion. The blanket spread easily across Monica’s belly as she expressed her gratitude and commented that of all she’d prepared for the baby’s arrival she did not have a proper blanket. I love when God uses me to connect the gifts you provide with the needs of friends in Africa.