Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Night in Kamuli

“Where are you going?” asked a dozen voices as I stepped off the taxi in the Kamuli taxi park. Luckily, I knew exactly where I was going and was quite able to walk the short distance. I poked my head through the curtain blocking the door at Calvary Chapel Kamuli and a chorus of friends greeted me, though I was interrupting Wednesday night Bible study. While I see these friends every other month or so, I was incredibly sad to have missed Augustine’s wedding to Angela due to that rotten fever (now known to be typhoid). This being the first time I met Angela, I loved her immediately. As my time with them progressed, she revealed so many talents and kindnesses and I grew to love her even more. Augustine is a very special man and I am so thankful that he found someone close to his equal.

Following prayers, we traversed the small town to find the home of Augustine and Angela. As soon as I stepped through the doorway where all the two-room apartments poured out into an alley, the children began calling after me. One little girl of about three years came running to me with her arms open wide (I love these moments, though wished I had a sponsored dolly for her). Jen and her younger brother followed me everywhere, even to the shower room. She helped herself inside Augustine and Angela’s home and plunked down beside me…and just sat. Yep, my new best friend.

[Written at it occurred] Light from my computer screen teases the mosquitoes hovering just outside my net. I wonder, does it create a sense of resolve to get through that net do or die? What about the rat I hear scurrying around on the floor? Will he tuck himself under the net edge to get at this giant dish? Does he wonder what the bright screen brings or does the tapping of these computer keys keep him away? There’s so much leftover dinner food in the corner, you’d think he could occupy himself quietly while I sleep. My hopes are in vein, he prefers to nibble on the mat upon which I lay my head. Eventually Jack Bauer (from a television series I have on my computer) became my weapon. If nothing else, the noise from the show kept me from hearing the rat.