Friday, November 9, 2012

Boy Dollies and Girl Dollies of the Bible

Each time a dolly is delivered, a child-sized Bible story is delivered too. Many times the children don’t understand English so we’ll ask a nearby maama to translate if she can…but they get a little story and a prayer none-the-less.


Eve was the first woman God created to live in this world.
Eve gave birth to the fist children in God’s world.
Here is your first little dolly to remind you that God created you too.
And that He loves you so much that He sent His son, Jesus, for you.


Mary was the mother of Jesus.
Jesus was God’s son, His child.
You are God’s child too.
Love this little dolly to remind you how much God loves all His children, especially you.


Hannah spent many years praying for God to give her a baby;
Then God gave her baby Samuel.
Hanna gave her precious baby to God and he grew up to be a godly man.
Let this little dolly remind you to pray to God.
He will answer your prayers and help you grow into a godly woman.


David was a shepherd boy,
he watched over the animals.
God had plans for David to become a great king.
God has plans for you to be someone special too.


Daniel refused to worship idols,
he prayed every day to God because he loved Him.
If you pray to God every day,
he will keep you from sin too.


Joseph had many brothers, they didn’t like him.
They sent him away to Egypt where God made him a great leader.
God can turn things that seem bad to you into good things.