Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Sanctuary Singers

Six children have turned into twelve.
The children walked hand-in-hand with Michael and Silvia until they reached the gate. Upon spying me, they ran with lots of welcome hugs. These kids have always been affectionate toward me but they’ve never done the run-to-me thing. Yep, a little bit of heaven. Some films depict heaven as a place based on your own desires. While I am not sure I agree that heaven is made in this way, I sure wouldn’t mind if it were filled with hugging children. Poor little Raymon is sick with malaria and wasn’t much for hugs and snuggles like he usually is. Lohire didn’t scream bloody murder this time. We’re making progress.

Today the children were so excited about singing for me. Amazing Grace in their sweet kiddie voices…beautiful. I recorded their singing but the film won’t properly upload to Blogger. Just imagine it. The little one in white belting out the words while the others follow along and do a rather lovely job of it. I love the music and dance that is so integral to the African culture.

Each time I come to the Sanctuary, there are more and more children. With only one bedroom and a makeshift room in the garage, they will soon outgrow their digs if they haven’t already. I’m so thankful for the ongoing welcome at this lovely home.