Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wirika Nazarene Church

I have many memories of the First Church of the Nazarene on Kalamazoo Avenue in Grand Rapids. My family attended this church when I was young. I remember children’s church and the contest to memorize the beatitudes. I won, but only because it was a contest. I remember learning so many of the children’s songs there – songs I sing today with the children in villages. We’d been attending this church when I had Reyes Syndrome and friends came to pray at the hospital. Imagine my surprise when I planned to visit Grand Rapids International Fellowship church with Heidi and we turned into that very church formerly known as First Church of the Nazarene.

When Heidi’s pastor learned that she would be coming to Uganda they asked if we might be anywhere near Wirika Nazarene Church – a church Grand Rapids International Fellowship helped build. Near? Wirika is about five kilometers away Bugembe where I stay when I come to town. Most certainly a visit was in order and what a lovely visit we had with Pastor Irene and her two orphanages.

The children have grown over time and so many are now in senior level school. They help care for the younger ones and share in the responsibilities of the home. Heidi had a wonderful visit with the older girls and shared her Fragrance of the Lord message with them. How crucial is that message for these girls who grow to a point where men will begin shaping their view of themselves and where their life choices can have such a significant impact on so many people.