Friday, August 10, 2012

Sponsored Child Updates

I had the privilege of visiting the children on Bubembe Island. Vickie and I were surprised and happy to find an addition being made to the school structure. When Vickie and I first began ministry here, there was a school building but no teacher. A year later there was a teacher two days each week…now there is a full time teacher and they need to expand their space. We thank God for his work through VKids Trust Uganda and Surprised by Hope in helping the parents realize the value of education for their children.

We sang songs and danced for Jesus. We also delivered lots of clothing and shoes for all the children as well as books, and other games and supplies to the headmaster (principal teacher). These gifts will not only enrich the lives of the sponsored children, but they’ll bless all the children coming to school.

Here’s a brief update about the children who have sponsors.

Name: Dorothy Nanjemba
I found Dorothy in wonderful condition. She seems happy and healthy, full of smiles. She has been attending school in baby class (like pre-school) and scores among the first five children in her class. She really seems to like being in school. Her closest friend is called Matama.

Name: Patience Kisakye
She is among the first 10 in her class. She loves school. She loves different games. She interacts with people. She is always healthy, other than general cough. She eats well, she has a good appetite. She is closest friend with Dorothy.

Name: Justance Byetima
He comes to school in P1 (first grade), and is among the first seven in his class. He is healthy, loves friends, smiles a lot. His friend is called Martin, they come to school together. He is very social. Justance is constructive and very practical.

Name: Safina Nalwanga
Fina has joined baby class. She is healthy, she eats well. She stays with her jajja who cares for four children. She is among the first four in class. She has a friend called Maria who is also in baby class. She is seven years old.

Parents are doing their best to provide school requirements for their children – paper, pens, and such. This cooperative aspect of ministry is so important to us as we come alongside parents rather than take their responsibilities upon ourselves. Praise God for their faithfulness and ask that he continue to make provision for these parents.

Sponsoring an education through VKids Trust Uganda, costs $100 annually. Check out the children who are in need of sponsorship and send me a note if you’d like to learn more.