Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mohamed Repairs Shoes

Vocational training has been well received in the Bugembe and Kakira prisons and Carpenter John continues to facilitate their success. We visited one recent “graduate” who established a small shoe repair stand just near the road leading away from prison. Mohamed was a Muslim man who received Jesus as his Savior while in prison. He absolutely needs Jesus to help him change his eternal life in a supernatural way, but he also needs to see how God is in the every day things like work and relationships so that he can change his natural life too.

Prison ministry is so much more holistic than perhaps other ministry might be. For example, these me need to learn how to function in society in a way that keeps them out of prison and the ladies of Konoweka, for example, simply want to grow their faith and their skills. Because of Heidi, Mohamed received a startup kit for his new shoe repair business and while building a clientele is not always easy, he is evidencing the effort needed to succeed. I’m so thankful to be a small part of that ministry alongside the real pros like John.

Street boy stands next to Mohamed as does Carpenter John.
Please pray for the business/customers he needs to become successful.