Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shared Hope for Orphans Grows

We spent the morning with Shared Hope for Orphans teaching about communication skills and persuasive communication. The group has a fantastic business plan and needed to learn how to talk about that plan spontaneously, consistently, and persuasively. Speaking about their project with one voice will add credibility to their request for support. Alex, as usual, was a master translator given his business education (in progress) and command of the English language. Although many of the Shared Hope members do understand me, their learning is enriched by the value Alex brings to our various workshops.

Because of the collaborative efforts of Surprised by Hope and Shared Hope for Orphans by way of learning and applying business skills, the Ugandan government entrusted the organization with more than 300 chicks. They’ll raise and sell these chicks thus creating an income for the school and home they hope to build.

On our way back from seeing the hundreds of chicks in the first stage of development, Alone pointed out that my suggestion was working. I suggested that parents who cannot pay for their child’s education but whose children are allowed to attend school anyhow could possibly work in the garden as a means of payment. A few parents began contributing in this way and have now learned a skill that was new to them and applied it in their own little plot of land.
I am so incredibly proud of this group and the many ways they are applying what they learn along with the many successful ways they are helping lift up the whole community by being a model for them and teaching them. Gosh, we need lots more people to have the determination and work ethic this group has.