Saturday, July 28, 2012

Paper Craft Africa

Paper Craft Africa is an organization dedicated to making paper products by hand using natural fibers such as banana leaf, pineapple tops, and elephant grass. Thaddeus was on hand to show me around and to introduce me to the slime that becomes this beautiful product. Harriet is the executive director, a Ugandan putting herself through college because of her work with this organization. While not a religious organization, the employees are very interested in the biblically-based business teaching related to customer service, ethics, and communication. While waiting for my order, they were quite interested in some of the ways Christianity could be interwoven into their business lives.

Harriet and Thaddeus were of the mind that, as leaders, they could benefit from biblically-based financial management, leadership, and organizational development coaching. While the organization is well established, meaning that the value I may be able to add could differ from that of a brand new startup, I’m sure we’ll find a way to mutually encourage one another. They could be a great model for us to apply in other areas as well. We’ll meet sometime in the next few weeks to talk about what our relationship might look like in the future and if there’s any room for expanding the Christ-centered basis of the organization.

In the mean time, check out the beautiful goodies I’ll be bringing back for you.

Pineapple tops, elephant grass, and banana leaf

Two hand made soaps and a loofa, great for a Christmas gift!

Tiny cards, pack of five different cards.

Writing set/stationary

Note cards