Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Entrepreneurship in Bugembe

Sixteen students came to the 5-day entrepreneurship class with the hope of improving an existing business or starting a new one. Tailoring, piggery, electronics, children’s home, car washing bay…these are just a few of the ideas from which we drew examples throughout the teaching. It’s not easy to take an American curriculum and tailor that content for Uganda. So many principles and examples just don’t make sense. But what does make sense is the Word of God woven throughout the teaching and used in illustrating a variety of behaviors and decisions in everyday business realities for these people. The garage/classroom was packed every day. Many great new friends and resources. Such sweet people. I love that I'll be able to return often to see how I can continue encouraging and teaching them.

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Happy birthday to me. Harriet made this cake and used the market strategy of
doing something no one else does. SUPER sweet American-style frosting. Yum!