Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Dress for Shelia from Molly

Colors and textures abound in this Gaba Road market. Friday is market day and this is by far the best market for making and selling handcrafts. I had my eye out for a little one who might receive a handcraft from you rather than me from her. Once spotted, I hunkered down and peeked around a corner to see her. Little Sheila was in her own world until the ladies around her drew her attention to me. Rather than scream and run, she raised her arms and ran to me. I swooped up this tiny girl and she was quite happy to put her fingers in all my face holes. Not sure how much I liked that part though. Her new little Valentine dress fit perfectly and her maama was so pleased. I would bet the folks who come to make purchases at this market seldom leave more than money behind. This little girl received a dress, a story, and a prayer.