Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Clothing Donations for Boys and Girls

I’ll begin by admitting that I’ve made a bit of a mess of keeping track of who donated which clothing for the children here. Please accept my apologies – Kristin, Liz, Sharon and Danielle, Lauren, and Sue. You are so kind to give what you can to help so I thought you’d like to see a few pictures. I started by separating the clothing into size groupings to see which of the groups I could manage to physically carry in my bags without the car. The smallest grouping was the older children’s clothing. I’m thinking this might be clothing from Kristin and Sue mostly.

I stuffed myself and your clothes into a single seat on the taxi and made a trip into Kampala exiting at Katwe near the round-about. The stage boasted five or six boda men just waiting for some work. Of course I chose the one who speaks only enough English to tell me a price but not enough to understand the details of what I want to accomplish. I had asked to go into the slums and give children clothing at their homes and ended up at children’s homes. Well…close enough.

Retrack is a boys’ home where I was eagerly welcomed by a pile of junior high aged boys each of whom was quite happy to try on his new shirt and pose for a photo. Do you see your shirt in this photo? Kassim was one of the head caretakers and was quite helpful in identifying a place to give the girls clothing just down the street. At Missionaries of the Poor Good Shepherds Home the headmaster brought in a few girls for a photo but wasn’t interested in having them try clothing, they were planning to put the clothing into a dispensary. He was quite thankful for the gift though. I always feel funny asking for pictures so I didn’t press the issue. Still have lots more to give away.

Later that night and every night since then Kassim sends me a text. This night was no different. You might like how this exchange reads:

Kassim: Hey babe, I’m lonely.
Leslie: Have a good evening.
Kassim: I need god to give u everything u want in ur life. Have a goodnt babe.

I bet you never thought your donations would lead to this (grin).