Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Dolly for Trisha from Nancy

Wiggle, wiggle. In the distance a girl of maybe four years was trying her fancy dance moves on the music. Her body twitched in various directions, never one body part in sync with another. She kept insisting that her father join her, to no avail. Three girls at the nearby table saw my delight and decided to dance for me too. Their moves, though, were a bit less convulsive. Still cute though.

After their dance, they were rewarded with a dolly. The middle girl (Trisha), upon receiving the gift, knelt as a show of respect and thanked me with a hug. The older girl followed suit and the younger one just looked at me trying to figure out when it would be her turn to hold the dolly. I’ll take it! They proceeded to dance with the Nancy dolly as they inspected her eyes…both sets. Ya, I realize it’s a little creepy to give them a baby with two sets of eyes but they don’t seem traumatized by the idea.

Each took their turn with the doll until Trina, the baby, insisted the dolly was hers. She eventually gave up and resorted to sticking her finger in the 220v socket covered by an unlocked box. Luckily maama caught her in time. As I prepared to return home from the restaurant, the girls danced once more. Goodbye girlies. Enjoy your dolly.