Friday, July 27, 2012

A Dolly for Nina from Reagen

The back alleys of Kabalagala netted a good place to stop for some quick service to the brakes on the boda boda. I admired a nearby Honda, although in very poor condition, and a debate about the quality of the Boxer brand versus the Honda brand of motorcycles ensued. I am firmly on the side of the Honda even given the somewhat ratty appearance of this particular bike, but I let the guys have their argument while I perched on the veranda while waiting.

Two giggly little girls – perhaps twins – greeted me in their kneeling fashion and I couldn’t help but pull out the little dolly gift. They were exquisitely happy with their new prize…until the big girl walked by and teasingly lifted the dolly from their hands and pretended she was the new dolly-maama. Nina blinked, took one breath and then in the highest pitch possible – perhaps even the dogs couldn’t here this one – began wailing.

Everyone in the vicinity looked at me as though I’d poked her eye out but soon saw the trouble maker and had a good laugh at my new little girly friends’ expense. Humph, boys!