Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Dolly for Andrew from Zachary

Andrew opened his mouth wide to scream every time he saw me…even from a distance. Older sisters teased him by bringing him close only to have him turn his head and discover my presence and then bellow out again. Augustine, though, easily picked up the child who was quite content in his arms. Andrew’s maama is a steady church member who recently had a boda boda accident. She showed me the place where her knee was ripped open and she had just pulled out the stitches. I was wondering if she didn’t need those stitches still. Oh my.

Andrew’s trauma at seeing the ghostly mzungu was soothed by the gift of a dolly from Zachary. He was quite interested in the tag around the dolly’s neck and short of eating that tag for supper was content to poke at the dolly’s eyes. He wasn’t nearly as interested in the sleepy eyes as he was the awake eyes. Poke, poke, poke.

“Baby,” Andrew called out loudly to all of our surprise.