Monday, June 11, 2012

The Proclaimer

The Bible was only recently translated into the Karamajong language and can be purchased for a hefty sum in Kampala. Yet so many of the people in Karamoja speak only their heart language and cannot read. The Proclaimer, the audio version of the New Testament, is the perfect tool in this situation. The device can be played using solar power or a hand crank and can be heard by hundreds of people simultaneously.

I presented this gift to Pastor Patrick and Pastor Martin, who were so grateful for how this tool would help bring the Word to people in the surrounding villages. We played the audio Bible in Karamajong just outside the compound where the women were preparing our meal and were excited to see the interest from passersby. I believe with an introduction to the message and the tool, people will begin to comprehend the story of Jesus at a new level. Pastor Martin has been charged with identifying the best way to use the Word of God in his village with his people and I look forward to hearing testimonies of success when I return.