Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pastor's Conference in Tokora

The first day of the pastor’s conference coincided with the last day of a country-wide polio and measles immunization effort, which resulted in fewer than expected conference attendees. But what happened to the 50-100 expected in attendance on the second and third days? Pastor Martin gave away the secret that he’d not invited that number, but instead he’d invited only those who could read and write English as they were most likely to apply the learning from the conference. Kindness over truth. Sigh.

19 pastors received certificates indicating they’d participated in the proposal development portion of the conference. Several of these English speaking pastors, teachers, and health care workers came from both far and near to learn about developing and managing projects in a way that will produce positive results and perhaps funding. It was quite obvious that the hoped for 50-100 attendees would be hard to come by given the level of development in the area. I’m happy to teach even one if it will make a difference in their community.

Pastor Patrick receives his certificate from Pastor Martin and me.

Closer pictures are available but check out that view!