Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pastor Newton's Church

The women from Next Level Church ministered to the women of Lango Pentecostal Church while the men joined pastors and community leaders in door-to-door evangelism. Sadly, the enemy prevented me from participating in that my cough was exacerbated that day. Instead I made a run to the chemist’s to get some much needed Claritin D and cough medicine…which the pharmacist forced me to take before I left the shop because I was coughing so much. Good thing too, that liquid stuff is NASTY. (That medicine would eventually be swallowed by others who were fighting illness as well.) I also picked up three cases of water…must have water. Upon return, I chose a seat just outside the door and listened to the Next Level women telling their stories of encouragement to these ladies, who were so very thankful.

Lunch and fellowship was a blessing. Pastor Newton did a terrific job planning and preparing the ministry that day.

Lango Pentacostal Church