Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lynette Learns to Sew

Sarah shows Lynette how to measure a product and
create a pattern from that item.
Every day Lynette appears at Jacaranda hoping for work. She most well known for her delicious cooking but she is also an eager learner. This day, Sarah is teaching Lynette how to replicate a product by taking measurements, drawing a pattern, and cutting the fabric. Sarah patiently looks on as Lynette overcomes her awkwardness with the scissors and pins – the same awkwardness I saw in the Konoweka ladies when learning to sew the girly dresses.

Once the pattern was cut, Sarah guided Lynette in sewing that product together. Just about then, the power went out and the treadle machine broke. I never did see the finished product before I left but I know this template turned out beautiful. I had hoped to be the one to purchase that first run but it wasn’t to be. Now Lynette will be the only woman who knows how to make this lunch bag type product and will likely get work as a result. The ladies will be challenged to find a source for selling these and all the beautiful Jacaranda products.