Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Chapatti for Lunch

Flour, eggs, oil, salt, and who knows what else get mixed together by hand until the perfect consistency readies the dough for shaping into orange-sized balls. A small but fat wooden dowel serves as a rolling pin to flatten the dough for cooking on the charcoal stove, along with just a touch of oil. Katie and Sophia were allowed to help a bit with the work and together the ladies did a fabulous job. I love chapatti, but so often it’s too oily for my taste. These works of art, though, were perfect!

Africans tend to use chapatti as a type of scoop with their food or they put fried egg in the middle and roll them into a rolex. I, however, would like to suggest cinnamon and sugar, or peanut butter and banana (I would say jelly but the jelly here isn’t like Smuckers), as the perfect compliment.