Thursday, June 21, 2012

Business Workshop with Pastor Ouino

Pastor Ouino, a Kilifi Bible school graduate, organized an all day business workshop for me while the rest of the group ministered in churches that Saturday. About 50 people from the business community filled his small church as worship rang out. What would corporate work be like if we could sing worship songs every day before we began? Several pastors, business men, and business women came to learn about ways to strengthen their businesses.

One of the elemental components we work on is establishing a vision for the business…a picture of the future. I wasn’t surprised to hear many of the women say they were doing their business because they want to provide food and education for their children. They’re not sewing because they love to, they’re sewing because somehow they got training and have a machine. They’re not making mandazis (deep fried pastries) because they love to cook; they’re making them because it’s all they know how to do.

I challenged these ladies to think bigger, to think about how they will change the world because of their business.  On one hand, I struggled to bring this challenge to them given their situations. One another hand, I know that if they think bigger they’ll come closer to reaching that vision which means they’d be closer to providing for those essential needs. The real challenge was helping them realize the truth of their bound mentalities. One workshop may not be enough.

Pastor Ouino has invited me to return for a three day workshop during my next visit to the Malindi area (which means I’d also get to visit Hidaja again, as she is nearby). I love how God is opening doors and am so thankful to BLM for their encouragement in this endeavor.