Saturday, May 19, 2012

Shared Hope for Orphans Update

Eight of us crowed into the small school office in Buwenge. The dim light shone through the single window and was enough to meet our needs. I always appreciate Alone’s sense of accountability for the learning the group receives. Each time we meet he provides an update on the action the group has taken to further their mission. This time he described their new maize project added to the existing poultry, goat, pineapple, matoke, and brick-making projects.

When we were last together, I suggested that the parents who were unable to pay full tuition for their children ought to be encouraged to work on these projects as an exchange. Alone reported that, as much as the leaders doubted their willingness, these parents came freely. As a result, their crops were producing earlier than others in the area, which means higher demand and better prices, as well as provision for the children that better aligns with the school term.

The next update from the group related to their intent to begin sheltering a small number of orphans in anticipation of their home being sponsored and built. The small number will help them slowly learn about the actual costs as compared to the budgeted costs as well as the reality of caring for such orphans. They anxiously awaited my feedback before proceeding in this area.

Of all the various groups I work with, this is the one that impresses me the most. They are very active, action-oriented, and interested in furthering their mission in every way. They apply what they learn through our classes and workshops together and continue developing even in my absence. This is the group who has the plan of starting a rice project to compliment their other food projects designed to feed the children and raise income for the home and school. They can buy 20 acres of land if they have $5000 to begin the project. Can you imagine? 20 acres of land for $5000? If any group can make this project successful, Shared Hope for Orphans can.