Sunday, May 13, 2012

Projector Flea

“Where did you go?” friends ask as I gaze into the distance lost in another world. If mainframe computers could become desktop computers, console stereos could become digital audio players (you really must check out the iPod Flea), tabletop telephones could become palm size…why does my projector need to be so giant? I realize even these have become smaller over time, but they’re still not small enough to suit my fanciful dreams. I want a Projector Flea.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the projector I have. It works wonderfully for local teaching and ministry. But the idea of getting on a bus or taxi with all this equipment – computer, projector, generator, and the like – is less than practical…let alone safe. There’s nothing like a stark white ghost carrying lots of electrical equipment to attract thieves…and marriage offers.

My longing motivated me to ask, “Why not? I can’t be the first person to have had such a dream, right?” A Google search answered that question. The Optoma PK301 projector is the size of an iPhone, literally. The projector runs on battery and it has a 16G SD card (read – I don’t have to bring my computer). While this lovely battery boasts a full hour and a half runtime, the idea of cutting off the Jesus film before the ascension is unbearable. Next up? An external battery pack lasting more than two hours. Bingo! Energizer to the rescue.

Let’s recap: Optoma PK301 projector with remote, 16G micro SD card, Energizer external battery pack…all in two small cases. It feels like Christmas. Thankfully I was not the only one longing for more portability in my projection system. Soon, the iPhone will be the projector too. Now for supersonic speakers with the same specifications. Who’s going to get on that one for me?