Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Meet Grace

Uganda Martyrs High School is tucked into the Kampala hillside and almost hidden from interference from outsiders. Twas quite a chore finding the place but once we identified someone who knew exactly where, we made an easy time of locating the school. A few questions posed to students enjoying their lunch break resulted in finding a smiling girl who was expecting our visit.

Grace is a young lady in senior 3 (11th grade) who seems to be doing quite well in her studies at this well-groomed school. While I don’t know all the details of how Grace and my friends Brian and Sue came to know one another (you can check out their Bringing Grace to Michigan blog and their Road to Grace blog), I do know that Brian and Sue are committed to Grace’s education and to her wellbeing. They think of her and pray for her often as I know Grace is also praying for them. I had the privilege of delivering a giant hug to Grace on behalf of the two and she welcomed that expression with just a little embarrassment.

Off to exams she went, it seems as though I’ve found her just in time. Thank you Brian, Sue, and Grace, for allowing me to share this special part of your lives!