Thursday, May 17, 2012

Green Fuzzy Thing

What is green and fuzzy all over, besides the bread in Uganda? Did you love making handcrafts as a child in the same way I did? Doll clothes were my favorites. My maama taught me to sew and to this day I cannot sew button holes…and neither can she. Brianna is another young lady who enjoys learning a variety of handcrafts and just before I left her South Carolina home state, she offered up her precious pile for me to bring to her future Ugandan pen pal.

When identifying the best match as a pen pal for Brianna, Shelemiah Orphans Care Home came to mind, as this group cares for children of older ages. This is the place where the children come running and almost tackle me to the ground with hugs when I visit. I love that freedom of expression. I believe it shows their joy and happiness while living under the care of Dennis and a few others.

Dennis recommended Mary as a pen pal for Brianna because Mary is also learning to sew. We agreed that they might enjoy sharing their common talent. Mary and I snuck out to the car so that I could unload all Brianna’s gifts into her loving hands. Two finger crocheted scarves, a tote bag, and this green fuzzy thing that turned out to be a blanket. I felt compelled to explain to Mary that the blanket does not typify American blankets, but I don’t think Mary cared one bit. She wraped herself up in this treasure and, after posing for photos, ran off to begin writing her return letter.

Because I’ll see Mary and the children of Shelemiah again, I’ll wait to pick up that letter until a bit later. I’ll also prepare to tell a bit more of Mary’s story so that Brianna can learn about the life of orphaned children in Uganda.