Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Dolly for Fina From the Manchester Family

Fina had her hands full with her younger sister riding on her back. She kept leaning forward to keep this girl from falling and it was obvious her burden was heavy for young Fina. Fina is the first to receive a dolly and that dolly is from the Manchester Family. During my last trip the Manchester dolly seemed to have escaped, perhaps with the Christmas dollies, and so this newly assigned dolly was to be the first given during this trip.

Both Fina’s brother and the young sister riding on her back were quite intrigued by the gift. Peeking over her shoulder, the younger couldn’t get her hands on that dolly as she wished. Fina, although interested, seemed to have her hands full and struggled to take hold of the dolly while balancing the girl in her care. I wondered about the choice of recipient but I do think she’ll enjoy the gift once she can set her sister down.