Friday, May 18, 2012

Carpenter John Arrested!

Just beyond the railroad tracks leading into Jinja town was a boda-boda sting. Traffic police stopped each and every boda driver not wearing a helmet. Passengers walked, bodas were loaded into big trucks, and drivers stood waiting for instructions…Carpenter John among them. The capture of all these boda drivers was under the guise of identifying stolen bodas. It’s true, boda-boda drivers are stabbed or hit with iron bars at night and their bodas stolen. Yet only those without helmets were stopped in this particular crackdown. Carpenter John later reported—after his long walk to town to meet the various conditions of his boda’s release—that he was required to have his helmet, third party insurance, and the log book registering his name to the bike. His day, and that of all the other boda-boda drivers who pay 20,000 UGX daily to rent their bodas, was a loss.