Sunday, March 4, 2012

Missing Dolly

Missing Dolly: Suspected to be in the Slum
This is an APB on a missing dolly. She’s about 12 inches tall, has brown skin, and short black hair. Sometimes she’s awake and sometimes she’s sleeping. She was last seen wearing a white dress with pink and green flowers and has two ribbons in her hair. All the security video has been reviewed (all the pictures have been sorted through) and she doesn’t appear anywhere.

Dear Manchester Family,

I was inventorying the dollies to be sure they were all accounted for and it seems your little girl ran away or was kidnapped…or I lost her (sniffle). I cannot tell you how very sorry I am to have been so careless with that precious gift. I suspect she escaped during the Christmas time gift-giving in the Kikubamutwe slums…but I don’t know this for sure. Chaos ensued during that mass demonstration and it was hard to keep track of all the girls.

New Dolly: Safe and Sound with her Sisters
I have this vague memory of giving a dolly with your name on it but perhaps I never made the note to remind me who adopted that tiny thing. Even so I have no photos with unaccounted for dollies…so that explanation doesn’t fit. What I do know is that there are absolutely no dollies left in my East African home. She is truly missing.

I don’t even know if you’re still watching the blog for the story about your little one, but I feel horrible about losing her…horrible. While I realize that no other child can replace this one, I would like to offer you another dolly. She will be the first gift given when I return to East Africa in May.

Please forgive my irresponsibility.

Leslie Kisakye Mosher