Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Day Girly Dresses

The big red event is just four days away. No matter how much you recoil at the idea of another Hallmark holiday, you do want to express yourself to that special someone you love. If you’re like me, you reject traditional gifts – flowers, chocolates, a fancy dinner – in search something a little less traditional, more thoughtful, and definitely something with an awe factor.

Nine new girly dresses are awaiting your selection. They’re perfectly suited for Valentine’s Day with red lining, big pink and red flowers, and an awe-factor that keeps on giving. Sponsor a girly dress for $25 and watch the blog beginning in May for the story of the little East African girly who receives your loving gift.

Then…wait to see how your one true love melts with (com)passion over the story of the girly and that special dress. This is one Valentine’s Day gift she will never forget!

Baby 1

Baby 2

Baby 3

Small 1

Small 2

Small 3

Small 4

Small 5: Molly D.

Small 6